She’s Busy Getting Busy Again.

Kenny, Selena, Brett and Lisa

Its a family affair with drums!

She’s Busy

plays at Route 56 Roadside Bar and Grill, 24 Leicester St.,  North Oxford Ma. on December 23rd. Show is from 8:30 – 12:30.

The food is great and the kitchen is open til 10:00

Shes Busy will also be doing a special show on Jan 7th at Point Breeze in Webster Ma. It is being billed as The Olsen Family Benefit. It is currently being organized so please stay tuned for more info. Thank you.


Musical Cuts from She’s Busy

Here are a few cuts from She’s Busy over the years. Enjoy!


Listen to “SAGE”

Here is our latest release, BLBrumby with Betsy Listenfelt =


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