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Here is our latest release, BLBrumby with Betsy Listenfelt =


We would like to offer these songs as a free download by clicking the “download” button on the top left of the player above. If you really like any of these tracks, it would be really helpful to us in continuing to record and make new songs available, if you would buy the mp3 from the box below. Thank you for listening, enjoy!



Listen to “SAGE” — 2 Comments

  1. We listened to you last night at the Duck! Love your music and your songs!
    Could you send me the name of the “sister” song you played. A clip of the song and lyrics would be great!

    Thank you

    • Hi Sharon, the name of the song is “Girls In the Trees” We don’t yet have it on line but we do have a cd available with it and a number of other songs for $10. We will be at the Duck tonight and will have it with us. It is a limited cd because we created to help raise funds for me to see my family in New Zealand. It will be posted on line in the next couple of months as well if you’d like to wait for that. Thank you for listening and inquiring. Please introduce yourself when you see us next. Thank you,

      Be well

      Brett and Lisa

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