Artists We’ve Produced

All songs here were recorded in their entirety in our home studio that we affectionately call “The Cave”.

1. Better Days     

Written by Betsy Listenfelt

2. Out of Time     

Written by Betsy Listenfelt

3. Gone To Long     

Written by Ken Wilson

4. The Leading Edge intro     

Voice over and musical intro created for a Jonathan Avalon Vlog soon to be up on

5. By the Lake     

Written by Fiske and Herrera. Till the Sea Disappears



Artists We’ve Produced — 3 Comments

  1. Hey you guys love your site and love the music you’ve produced.
    Your all so talented but where do I find your music on here ?

    • Hi Jon, above the picture of our studio are pages you can navagate to, there is also a list of pages on the left side that you can click on as well. There are 3 of our songs on the “Music” page which also has a sub-page, “Artists We’ve Produced”, that has 3 songs and a diddy. Thanks for checking it out. Let me know if you have any problems. Thanks Jon, talk to you soon, Brett

  2. WOW! Love the site guys! Love all the songs you have up here..awesome. Just wanna know when BRETSA will be performing? Or is it “Two Dames and a Curry” ?? hahah Seriously now … if that’s at all possible… beautiful site Brett and job well done all around 🙂